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Center for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

Center for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy is a specialized organization in orthopaedic department in Nopparat Rajathanee hospital.

Our mission is to provide an excellent arthroscopic surgery and up-to-date treatments for sport injuries and sport-related diseases especially shoulder and knee injuries.

We perform arthroscopic surgery (key-hole surgery) for treating many conditions. Our surgeons and nurses have a lot of advanced knowledge and experiences in arthroscopic surgery.

The key-hole surgery is a minimally invasive procedure; the diameter of a camera is only 4 millimeters. Therefore, the surgical wound is only 1 centimeter long.

It results in much less post-operative pain when compared to a standard open surgery.

We also have established a special outpatient clinic for sports medicine patients. In the clinic, there is a team of physical therapists who have experiences in treating sport injury conditions.

Our services are not only for professional athletes but also general population.

List of operations

Arthroscopic Bankart repair for recurrent shoulder dislocation

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

Arthroscopic ACL and PCL reconstruction

Arthroscopic meniscus repair

Hip arthroscopy for acetabular labral repair

Ankle arthroscopy

Endoscopic Achilles tendon repair

Our doctors are board-certified orthopaedic surgeons. They also have a fellowship certification in sports medicine that certified by royal college of orthopaedic surgeon of

Thailand (RCOST) and Thailand orthopaedic society for sports medicine (TOSSM). Furthermore, our doctors have lots of national and international publications regarding

to basic science, biomechanic and advanced surgical technique.


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